Thanatos – Blind Obedience/Thanatos 7″ (Black) + patch

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To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Thanatos, the band thought it would be cool to re-record two of their oldest songs, that were also featured on their very first demo tape. They did not want to stray too much from the original versions but obviously it’s not 1984 anymore and maybe these new versions are actually closer to what they had in mind back then, but weren’t able to reproduce or lay down on tape. As icing on the cake, original guitarist and Thanatos co-founder Remco recorded guitars for this special release!

Stephan Gebédi – vocals & guitars
Paul Baayens – guitars
Marco de Bruin – bass
Martin Ooms – drums
Remco de Maaijer – guitars (guest appearance)

FFO: Hail of Bullets, Massacre, Cancer, Dark Angel and Possessed.